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Path of Exile Lab Runner

The OPOP Lab Runner

People always wonder how to make easy money in Path of Exile. Out of the various ways to generate an income, I enjoy profiting from the Uber Labyrinth. I forget who originally designed the build, but I caught wind of it while watching the poe streamer, blasting_cap.

The build capitalizes on Pathfinder flask abuse, Queen of the Forest, and stacking evasion to increase your movement speed by incredible amounts. Unfortunately, since this is a poison based build, I’m not sure how it will fare in 3.0, so consider that before investing.

To kill Izaro, use Blade Vortex and poison him by activating your flasks. He will melt. Hardcore players beware, this character is evasion and life based and is within 1-shot range. I wouldn’t recommend this for hardcore leagues.

My items are good enough for the basic build, but far from min/maxed. You can still see all the core unique items to make the build by checking out my thread on the poe forum here.

Check out the skill Tree

If you’re unfamiliar with Path of Exile, I highly recommend giving it a chance. The game is completely free to play and has a fantastic community behind it. Check out their website and download the game.

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Cyclone Marauder Build

Capture2giphy (1)

Tier 11 Academy Boss

I’ve been playing Path of Exile since open beta, and I gotta say Cyclone is one of my favorite builds. It is able to do nearly every map mod and boss. Since the new expansion dropped, I dusted off my lvl 90 character and checked out the Ascendancy classes.

I went with the Juggernaut Ascendancy class since it gives the build a sweet movement bonus, extra damage, and additional benefits for using fortify. Check out my passive tree here.


With an Atziri’s Disfavour or equivalent endgame weapon, this build has pretty sweet DPS. Using Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash for enhanced clearing:


Path of Exile is a free to play game. Check it out here

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