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Think about it…

The Title says it All
Why is it so hard to gain support for creating a standard of living in this county? These things should be funded and regulated. Healthcare brings tons of jobs and education with it; it should be encouraged to flourish, not whither on the vine. In the parlance of our times, this just seems like another manifestation of radicalism carried out at the highest level.

America is hailed as a “free country,” protected by its Constitution and government’s checks and balances, and propagated by the spread of democracy and capitalism. In my opinion, we all need to give ourselves more credit towards two freedoms inherent to the bonding trait of our shared human experience:

1. Humans are capable of simultaneously holding conflicting positions about an idea, and that’s OK.
2. Humans deserve the right to make choices that benefit them, to a certain extent.

Regardless of our individual choices, we as people are easily capable of holding conflicting positions about ideas. I’d argue from this ability, we’ve developed moral constraints like laws and ethics, or in this instance, an ability to draw-the-line. For example, we have age restrictions woven throughout out modern social and political environment like voting, driving, sports, religious confirmation, sexual consent, education, student bodies, presidential candidates, drinking, senior-citizenship, adulthood… At age 18 you’re considered an “adult” by American standards. We indisputably treat children differently from adults because we concede they have an indescribably limited life experience from which to draw understanding, and because they are physically incapable of taking care of themselves until they’ve matured. If we can concede to those premises, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to say we can  draw the line as to when a human is incapable of making choices for him/her self. This means it is ok to believe the result of conception is a human, but still disregard its choice to a certain extent because it is literally, physically and mentally incapable of making choices.

If we can concede humans deserve the right to make choices that benefit them, to a certain extent, and if we have already conceded humans can draw the line and disregard ones choice on the basis of him/her being physically and mentally incapable of having one, being pro-choice is ethical and is congruent with the ideological framework of a “free county.”

Understandably, this could be considered a summation of one of the many pro-choice arguments. Honestly, it is sad we still need to fight for this basic standard of living in the year 2015, when so many other industrialized nations have successfully nationalized healthcare in the same, successful way they have education. America is supposed to be “…the land of the free and home of the brave,” so why are we fighting so hard against freedom of choice and our ability to create and uphold a basic standard of living that benefits everyone? Think about it… ‪#‎StandUpForYourStandard‬