American Dream – Free Form Piece

There are two types of people in this world… those who admit they love talking about themselves, and those who lie to our faces. Everyone in this day in age is obsessed with themselves. Social media is more pervasive than ever and as prevalent. It is literally woven into our clothing, marketed to us as watches and glasses and whatever other gadget and gizmo they can throw at us, as long as they can manufacture it cheap enough for mass consumption. I’m not saying social media caused this self-infatuation, or is to blame or anything like that; I’m simply using it as a means to make my point: If a picture is worth a thousand words, and your social media is album after album of selfies, I’m willing to bet you talk about yourself ahhh lot. People are absolutely obsessed with themselves whether or not they admit it. If I can look at your digital footprint and see a trail of vice and personal obsession, finding example after example of shameless, validation-seeking self-promotion, it stands to reason you too are completely obsessed with yourself just like everyone else. We all are and the evidence has never been more clear. From our data comes a narrative depicting who we want to be and what we want to see and what we think will make us better in some way, shape or form. Our rampant self obsession is likely a huge factor in, what seems to be, an explosion in social justice expressed online in near sometimes sickening fashion, all the way up the spectrum to the large number of social movements which include real-life displays of activism attempting to derail malformed institutions designed to keep people down. So is all the self obsession bad? Of course not. It is what drives us all to the highest and lowest points of our own plebeian human experience. We all know what is possible because there are people out there doing it; living the way we wanna live and doing the things we wanna do as we just sit here mustering, coping, and working to find a way to stop being a wage-slave. Find people that make you happy, and find people that make you money; it makes it a lot easier to validate your self obsession regardless of what choices the data says you’re making. It’s the American Dream.

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